Recently there’s been a lot of activity in the project repositories related to the ‘pup’ package manager.

I’ve been working at getting our binaries and other ported application-related files out of each repository and move towards only having the specific binaries we need for building Pedigree from scratch, and the remainder being source code and tools.

So now a checkout of Pedigree and an Easy Build run will leave you with quite a bare build of Pedigree - you’ll get bash, coreutils, and not too much else. This allows you to choose what goes into your build of Pedigree; if you just want Python and Lynx for web browsing, that’s totally alright with us.

‘pup’ is written in Python and will be available to run in Pedigree as well as on the build machine. At the moment however our Python build is a little broken as we are working on bringing proper shared library support to our userspace ports.

In my opinion there’s no reason for everybody to download over 250 MB just to get a simple checkout of Pedigree. That’s what ‘pup’ integration is all about.