This blog is more or less a resurrection of my blogging. I originally had a blog that I used to write down a variety of ideas and anecdotes about development on my project at the time, the Pedigree operating system.

I found that naming the blog a “devblog” heavily restricted the kind of content I could publish. Sure, some of the items were really cool features I was working on, but I couldn’t put a post up about the latest thing I learnt in my studies, or some sort of programmer joke.

So, this blog - “Ideas, and Code” - is a place where I can publish the old content I loved the most from the old blog, and publish even more new content. I’m a great fan of both code and ideas; being able to code has given me the ability to implement the crazy ideas, and that’s just plain cool. This blog is intended to give me a platform to both explain some of these crazy ideas, and talk about code when and if those ideas actually become a reality.